vOICe, see with sounds.

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25.02.03 vOICe, see with sounds.
Countless are now attempts to tie in glove picture and sound, with correlations of aesthetic, conceptual and technical. A report has been experienced, however, really structural rarely in order to obtain an image that could be made coherently from a set of sounds. Precisely for this purpose instead worked Peter BL Meijer, with the intention of providing a possible support for the blind. His research resulted in the prototype vOICe (where 'UCI' stands for 'Oh I see!'), a device that converts an image of 4096 pixels in 16 shades of gray converted into the respective sounds. The rules for conversion are: the pixels have a higher pitch higher and those lower down a pitch matching, and more in the gray tones are expressed with a different volume level. All pixels in a column are heard as a single sound, and the columns are 'played' one after the other. In this way you have a kind of 'sound image' total reflects the real picture. The proof is that looking at a spectrogram of the sounds played very similar to the original image is obtained. In the pages of vOICe software is available for windows free download that performs this type of conversions.