The affected with the new vinyl turntables.

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05:02:03 The vinyl suffer with the new turntables.
Sales of turntables are starting to grow again after a decade of stagnation. And although no one expects the soppiantamento of audio compact disc, this is a strong sign of how even the latest generations begin to listen to records consumed by their older relatives. And if you keep in mind that according to some estimates there are at least tens of billions of vinyl albums in the homes of all of us, besides the fact that the vinyl undoubtedly 'sounds' best of cd, you will understand why it has also started immmediatamente a strange industry turntable set in retro trappings and integrated with a stereo. Among the major manufacturers of these devices is the wacky Crosley Radio , which also works well for models with cd, cassette and radio. However, even if the growths of vinyl increased by 6.4 percent last year, the same vinyl represents only one percent of the entire market, despite the realease in this format of names such as Neil Young and Pearl Jam.