Imagina 2003 Entertainment and digital images.

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05:02:03 Imagina 2003 Entertainment and digital images.
Inaugurated on 3 February, the new edition of Imagina , the historic festival image synthesis which takes place in Monte Carlo. This is the second edition after the re-launch of the initiative and the new management of the event that he did return to the city of Monaco. More and more oriented to professionals and the general public, Imagina this year focuses on interactive digital television (strategy of the major media and new professions), broadband internet (with the provision of 100Mbps available to every European in 2010) and videogames. The latter argument is certainly interesting conference 'Research and Video Games', with interventions that illustrate the current state of research integration between AI and games, three-dimensional sound prospects, autonomous characters and games online. There will also be the I-Diff (The International Digital Film Forum), dedicated to digital cinema with its projections, conferences and an exhibition. But the most attractive of Imagina is certainly the historical short film competition which includes 3D animation, special effects, commercials and music videos. The short films are shown every day of the festival continuously, as tradition dictates.