CD of the concert in real time.

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02/12/03 CD of the concert in real time.
According to an article in the Boston Globe one of the largest agencies of concerts in the U.S., Clear Channel, would be planning the CD recording of the concert to sell themselves to the public immediately after the closing of the exhibition. The experiment would be possible thanks to multiple burners, and the first test should be made in the concerts of the less crowded club within a couple of months. The price would be fixed at 15 dollars, or as a compact again, and sold along with the rest of the merchandising. If confirmed the initiative would confirm the trend of marketing to exacerbate the supply of salable products in real time from their implementation. At the same time one of the few moments of the show did not immediately replicable such as concerts, would fall into the same endless chain of fetishes created by the industry to give the illusion of infinite repetition of a gesture (the concert), expecting it to exceed the inexorability of time.