A database leads a program on the radio.

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06:02:03 A database leads a program on the radio.
Carson Daly is an American journalist who has earned fame and fortune before as the host of 'Total Request Live' and then as the voice of the radio countdown of the top ten best-selling albums in various U.S. states. This program is broadcast simultaneously in eleven different cities based on telephone requests from listeners. The ' Carson Daly Most Requested 'is a program of Clear Channel and is transmitted daily by 140 stations. To overcome the inevitable overlap and to avoid untold tour de force of speaking, the production network has decided to build the various editions constructing the various phrases of Daly through a database of his voice recordings. The conductor seems to spend several hours a week in his apartment in Manhattan to mark brief introductions to the songs, which are then transmitted as files in Los Angeles, where technicians will transform the study of all entries in the database as audio files, which now contains dozens of thousand of records. The eleven versions of his one-hour shows are then constructed with a tight cut &paste;, which simulates the passion of the speaker to the local top ten, without his knowing anything of its actual composition. Not a few protests to this type of practices that came to fruition as well in legal hassles. First, the National Labor Relations Board that supports find in the digital practices of Clear Channel a breach of contract staff issuer WWPR-FM in New York. But even the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, a sort of trade union, is evaluating whether there are also here violations of collective bargaining agreements. Moreover it also happened during a holiday in Daly technicians have had to work to rebuild the sentences are announcing a song by Michael Jackson unexpectedly jumped in the first ten.