Visual Thesaurus, a software architecture that explores language hypertext.

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3.1.03 Visual Thesaurus, a software architecture that explores language hypertext.
From that technological innovation has made it possible for large-scale deployment of media there has been a growing phenomenon of ipersegnificazione of communication. The huge amount of data and information circulating on the network world pours chaotically on a public increasingly disoriented that instead of benefit from technological progress, it is crushed. One of the research lines of modern design is that of an on-screen display of data through interfaces that allow navigation of the information clearer and more efficace.Il online software Visual Thesaurus of the group Plumb Design is the result of this research. It is a vocabulary of the English language that allows an immersive exploration in the architecture along linguistic structures that relate orbital vocabulary and semantic fields. The operation, which follows the logic of hypertext, it is simple and intuitive: the word choice and we want to know the meaning, it appears in the center of the screen surrounded by other words that revolve around semantically and spatially. The links between words express graphically the relationship of grammar and meaning, while the spatial arrangement in a pseudo-3D and it shows close distances. The user is thus able to learn and master new vocabulary traversing its shifting relations of semantic field semantic field.
Clement Pestelli