Thanks to Bruce Perens, Prentice Hall adopts Open Source books.

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07:01:03 Thanks to Bruce Perens, Prentice Hall adopts Open Source books.
Bruce Perens, HP no longer used but more and more convinced in the importance of open source as a philosophy of development has convinced the famous U.S. publisher Prentice Hall to adopt an open source license for its publications . The first title in the series is already in bookstores and subsequent (respectively on eCos, development under Linux and intrusion detection) will be distributed in March. Everyone will then open and extendable, even without notifying the author. Although these have been already published other titles, occasionally from the same Prentice Hall and the O'Reilly, this is the first series that is based on these assumptions editorial programmatically. According to Perens this is the first concrete model of publishing in open violation of the DMCA, but he wants, despite being open, gain, according to sound principles. The only care used, in fact, is the release of the electronic version a few months after that paper, but the author has the rights under the standard license, its name must appear on the cover, quotes must be precisely assigned, must have been some modest be recognizable and the original text must be easily identified.