Neuros, mp3 player for DJs.

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29.01.03 Neuros, mp3 player for DJs.
Neuros is an MP3 player from Digital Innovations that like most of the other products of this type allows you to create playlists of your favorite tracks. The prominent feature, however, is to be equipped with a built-in FM transmitter (a little 'as the iTrip for Apple's iPod), which transmits its contents to any radio device within a radius of six feet or so . Well as a DJ set could be executed, since the disply is effectively amber backlit, not to mention interfacing with databases of songs on the Internet that return the author's name and the recorded song. Equipped with a USB port and a battery that can keep you alive for twenty-four hours, Neuros adds to the list of devices that can communicate with other devices in common use.