Music DNA, biological researchers and artists at work.

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31.01.03 Music DNA, biological researchers and artists at work.
A launch of the Associated Press has made ​​the rounds of the major news outlets and not telling an intrepid group of researchers Madrid hospital 'Ramon y Cajal' who assigned different notes to the components of the human DNA sequences according to the characteristics then playing them. The group has promised a CD called 'Music Genome' with the ten best songs produced using the same sequences as the basis arrangiandoci above and melodies. But there are already several artists to have grappled with these techniques. One of them is Peter Gena, who on his site offers more than an audio file of his experiments in generating music from genetic sequences at the base of our existence. In addition to the artwork to music Genesis by Eduardo Kac presented at Ars Electronica in 1999 has created a software called DNA Mixer can overlap and mix multiple sources of information. Experiments certainly more interesting than simple adaptations of Spanish researchers, not to mention the extraordinary timing of the experiments announced in 2001 by Brent D. Hugh ('Music of the Human Genome') and Todd Barton .