Knit + +., Workers of the network and their predecessors.

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20.01.03 Knit + +., Workers of the network and their predecessors.
Developed by Xurban Collective Knit + + is a new online work commissioned by Turbulence, he draws an analogy between workers home of the eighteenth century (the knitters) and workers of the network of the twenty first century. Apart from the classic dichotomy of the type of work (material / immaterial), they struggle within the capitalist system of production, putting radically into question (in the case of work or internet) the freedom given by the means of production. As Foucault says, in fact, 'The guarantee of the exercise of freedom can never be inherent in the structure of things. The guarantee of freedom is freedom '. Each member of the collective has contributed his talents to the project (photography, video, VRML, sound …) which is constituted of different levels represented neatly in an abstract schema, which are in turn structured by the user who connects well the different materials and their aesthetic and political meanings through an unconscious work of linking. The resulting scheme connects the different materials, as they are visulizzati, in a path dictated by the instinct and experience.