Circumvent security in Microsoft eBook.

. Hacktivism

08:01:03 Work around Microsoft security in the eBook.
The programmer Dan Jackson has set up a project to improve the conversion of Microsoft eBooks in other formats . To this has been driven by the incompatibility of files regularly purchased with his old device with Win CE. Jackson got the source code of Convert Lit and posted it on his website asking for a hand to all to turn it into a command from the command line that will remove the copyright protection DRM5 adopted by all files in Microsoft Reader format. Despite being at risk persecution, having regard to all the vicissitudes that accompanied the ElcomSoft and its software for. Pdf files, the programmer goes on his way, believing firmly in the Bern Convention on the 'fair use' and specifying very clearly the site that the project is aimed only at those who regularly purchased a copy of the eBook Reader readable.