32.000 points of light, worlds descripted using light and sound

32.000 points of light

32.000 points of light is an immersive installation which explores fanciful visual ambients whose only point of reference is made of several points of light. In fact, the guides of the sense of depth and direction are the myriads
of tiny lights and their intensity. Undoubtedly strategical for the unquestionable incisiveness of this work is the dark ambient sound, which is studied to describe the place where the listener is at a certain moment. In the opinion of the authors themselves, it’s a journey through the thought processes and the way they generate the sense of space and time. An excellent perceptive experiment which, as well being appealing to the retina, puts sight and hearing on the same level, exalting the endless possibilities of the latter. On the site there are four impressive videos, as well as the characteristics of the project and some illustrative images.