White and Valente, electronic art of the mind.

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20:08:02 Black and Valente, electronic art of the mind.
The pair of Italian artists White Valente worked for several years in research related to electronics and aesthetics on its extensive interaction with our perceptual apparatus. Their web video and images are available of the projects (videos and installations) brought forward from mid- of the nineties, including 'Slow Brain', the last in order of time, colorful work inspired by the experiments of Albert Hofmann on drugs along with 'Machine is dreaming', generative noise made by a PC open choreographed resting on tablets of psychoactive substances. Also present 'Volatile', which creatively uses scientific visualizations of flocks, and 'Artificial Life', a project of projections of elaboration of artificial life to be installed in a subway station, as well as 'Breathless', poems read by a speech synthesizer , and 'JSR' still on mental images.