Rhizomes, the collective image.

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18:06:02 Rhizomes, the collective image.
The rhizomatic structure, visionary description of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari related to non-hierarchical network, which then found many conceptual and structural similarities in the use of telematic networks, has captivated the minds of many artists and theorists of the network. No wonder, then, that this term, as well as being adopted by the large community of net artists American, has been used just to define a work of net art collective, Rhizomes in fact, who wants to take advantage of decentralization and collaboration as a striking feature. Coordinated by the French Reynald Drouhin, requires each user to host on your server a small image that, along with dozens of other aesthetic form an alliance through which all members contribute in a draw to form the final result. This is dispersed and united in a still temporary and ephemeral, and its realization is possible only thanks to the free partecipatività of each member of this alliance visual and structural.