Hackmeeting 2002 to TPO in Bologna.

. Hacktivism

20:06:02 Hackmeeting 2002 to TPO in Bologna.
Begins June 21 Hackmeeting the fifth national TPO Bologna. The appointment completely self-organized and sponsor-free, allows the meeting of the Italian digital counterculture, and is presented once again full of seminars and events of the first floor. First of all, the intervention that Richard Stallman held Friday afternoon at 18:00, entitled 'Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks', and then in-depth technical seminars (GNU / Linux, TCP / IP implementations, & VAX VMS 4, Freenet, SELinux, PIC Microcontrollers, Intrusion Detection) and political (cyber-rights, e-privacy, management of electronic waste, GPG, remailer, encrypted file system, steganography, European Directive EUCD, work in networking, solidarity with the southern hemisphere, and Nobordercamp boicotta.org). This year's program are noted more space to the audio (AuDioCan, Muse, DeMuDi, CSound and FM.thing.net, the latter sull'autocostruzione of radio transmitters by Adam of Radioqualia) and video (Freej and media activists), as well as two seminars organized by the local Sexyshock on assisted reproduction and gender issues. Also provided for the presentation of the new book 'Hacktivism' Arturo Corinth and Tommaso Tozzi, and the projection of the video War, The Hactivist Ian Walker and AHA Activism-Hacking-Artivism v.2 of T_Bazz, in addition to DJ and VJ sets of and H20 and Otolab.net on Saturday evening. An event not to be missed.