Web 3D Art 2002, net art three-dimensional.

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15:04:02 Web 3D Art 2002, net art three-dimensional.
Web 3D Art 2002 is an online exhibition, organized on the occasion of the seventh International Conference on 3D Web Technology, held in February in Tempe (Arizona), creative and functional use of 3D in the network, and curated by Karel Dudesek and Kathy Rae Huffman . Sixteen have been selected works better than the others that have failed to solve theoretical and practical problems and externalizing of this technique: 'Merzbau 3D', Zvonimir Bakotin / Van Gogh TeleVision, an interactive model of the building that haunted the life of the Dadaist Kurt Schwitters , 'Body' of Ricardo Barreto + Fabio Prata + Fabiana Krepel (see 'Body', body and reality. ), 'untitled space' Craig Chun + Vishal Dar, a study architectural space through traditional points of view and experimental processes, ' Chat Socializer 'Petko Dourmana + Sergey Petrov, one tower (of Babel) that comprises a three-dimensional open chat where some selected terms are capable of enhancing or destroying the tower,' Knowscape 'of Fabric, a 3D multi-user experimental web browser that seeks to general architecture of knowledge that best describes you, 'Archivibes: internet community for virtual and experimental architecture' Dimitar Atanasov Karanikolov, a community of artists who use the space and dimensional relationships, 'The Great Game' John Klima (see Net.art against the war (2). ), 'Space, Navigable Music' LAB [au], the concepts of space and time through sound applied to the third dimension, 'trans-ports' of Oosterhuis . nl, the pistons controlled by computers that function as muscle fibers, 'empyrean' Melinda Rackham, a series of landscapes through which you can navigate without references, 'TRANS_it: A discourse on temporality and the nomadic condition' (image) of Sophie Redele + Iris Kaltenegger environments, flexible and expandable as needed, 'altzero 3 / altzero 1' Squidsoup, sounds and interactive forms of space exploration, 'TDFSB' Leander Seige, 3D navigation interface for Linux under the GPL, 'Planet Network Ensemble – Johannes Kepler' Harmonice Mundi'' of Tomoo Shimomura, a symphony played by users who float like Avatar asteroids, 'Beyond Manzanar' Tamiko Thiel + Zara Houshmand, an installation in virtual reality that puts users in an American internment camp for Japanese prisoners during World War II, and finally 'Syntax of Desire' Jaka Zeleznikar, an endless exploration of the same space as always redefined coordinates ottiche.Ê Ê