Vectorial Elevation, net art that illuminates a square.

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23:04:02 Vectorial Elevation, net art that illuminates a square.
He comes for the first time in Europe's largest interactive art installation known, ie ' Vectorial Elevation, Relational Architecture No. 4 ', made ​​by Rafael Lozano Hemmer, together with a team of twelve among programmers, designers and technicians. Vectorial Elevation consists of a huge sculpture of light editable by any internet user through a specific java applet, built on the Linux platform, mode that allows you to individually manage each of the eighteen robotic projectors from 126,000 watts installed around the square in front of the Artium Museum in the city Basque in Vitoria (Spain). The colossal structure has been set up just for the inauguration of the museum and will use this global from April 22 until May 5, from dusk to dawn (ie from 9 in the evening, at about 6 am). It should be emphasized that the interface of 'telepresence' has been performed accurately by allowing network users to interact not blindly, being able to observe the results of their luminous geometry through four webcams that will make the show from many points of view. Again, all the 'choreography' will be recorded, as in his debut in 2000 in the Zocalo plaza in Mexico City, when 800,000 users visited the site Victorial Elevation in two weeks.