Small cameras for firefighters, cars and soldiers.

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08:04:02 tiny cameras for firefighters, cars and soldiers.
The record infrared cameras smaller in absolute terms (as deep as a key) is now owned by two new models, the 'Omega' of Indigo Systems and the 'Cam-Noir' System Corporation of Irvine. It is a new generation of cameras that detect objects thanks to the heat radiating nearby, thanks to a sensor called 'microbolometer' that absorbs heat from the surrounding environment and it sends the same data to a microprocessor which transforms them into images black and white. This type of equipment can work in total darkness and can be useful in hazardous environments, such as homes set on fire where smoke obscures the view, or to automotive safety and already announced that the Cadillac Deville 2000 model it will be fitted. But other less social applications are assigned to the sale of these devices, such as detection of enemy soldiers that could be mounted on their helmets to find hiding places and this is not surprising given that the research was funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects and Night Vision Laboratory of the U.S. Army. The stated purpose of Irvine Systems is to include as soon as possible even with the recognition of images taken.