Russian Media Art, webcasting from Amsterdam.

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04:04:02 Russian Media Art, webcasting from Amsterdam.
On April 4, the theater De Balie in Amsterdam (Netherlands) takes 'Art Russian Media, A Dutch Russian Media / Art / Project', an evening of meetings and presentations of the new generation of media artists Soviets, now distant from the years of the underground and contradictions of perestroika, and much more interested in the media spaces and media transformations of cities (especially Moscow) invaded by advertising. The projects are: 'Ghetto' Muscovite Oleg Kyreev, a mailing list for broadcasting on subjective views about the national political and cultural changes, 'Agitating for Art' (in the image) of Arseny Sergeev native of Yekaterinburg, a project Poster Road works of different artists 'Pacackage' group of Izhevsk Archaeopteryx, which achieves performance transforming homes in fragile packages affigendo large signs on the facades with the words 'handle with care' and other works presented by curator Tania Gorucheva. The event is broadcast in webcasting from 20:00.