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The sharing of personal property may also find interesting compromises putting on the market the material used, and developing an economic model that contrasts in fact the current paradigm of USA and accumulates or disposable. , for example recasts from a few cents to $ 5 for compact, with credits that can be spent to buy more CDs, DVDs or videogames, and in some cases it is assumed (in the U.S.) are the costs of transport. Even implements a similar policy, paying cash, however, the merchandise offered by the user, while just want to buy and offers an automated online quotes, also taking on the cost of shipping, but does not guarantee to purchase everything that is shipped. Pure offers a database of quotes ('Music' by Madonna, for example, does get $ 5 but is one of the best-paid). The first cd is also felt in the States and these alternatives at auctions like eBay, where the process requires patience and a certain degree of risk, they found their market albeit with the disadvantage of having to be constantly updated inventories and inventories the almost non-existent. The difference with Amazon and is that you must manage your sales process, but there is commited to a prepared structure and reliable. On the other side of the fence the RIAA has attributed the decline denuncito 4.1% to trade at the net and burns.