New CD of Celine Dion, this crashes PC and Mac

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04/04/02 New CD of Celine Dion, this crashes PC and Mac
The new CD of Celine Dion 'A New Day Has Come' (pictured) is generating strong controversy among his fans because of copy protection included on all copies distributed in Germany and in several other European countries. The technology adopted by the label (Epic / Sony) is the Key2Audio, brand owned by Sony DADC Austrian factory of the same corporation, and the producers have managed to get printed on the first page of the booklet the phrase 'will not play on a PC or a Mac 'in the national languages. Both PCs and Macs seem to crash after you insert the cd indictment, and in the German part of the forum MacFixit, dedicated to troubleshooting Mac, it is noted as the compact can no longer expel through standard software commands, as well as suspicions that the mistakes made on purpose to trigger problems during recognition of the cd, can corrupt the firmware, ie the part of the reader software permanently, even if Sony denies that this problem may exist.