Flashforward 2002 festival flash digerati.

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02:04:02 Flashforward 2002 festival flash digerati.
Begins April 2, 2002 Herbst Theatre in San Francisco (USA), the Flashforward 2002 , one of the biggest festival dedicated to the flash technology, divided into twelve sections. In particular, the section hosts art: 'Consequences of Thought', literary movies with subtle animations but full of poetry Jsbdesign, 'Ambormalbehaviorchild', (pictured) a videogame abstract but meticulous in detail and with mixed integrated Italian Niko Stumpo, 'My Pet Skeleton', the dark and macabre gently illustrative art of Vincent Marcone, as well as 'Out of Target' other traits inquetanti of another Italian, Davide Cardea, and 'Subway life' the skinny silhouette of people in pencil common sitting in the subway Portuguese Antonio Jorge Goncaldes. Innovation and design in other categories, however, closer to the commercial or the pure technical standard Macromedia Flash Player.