<DI> fusion, twenty-four hours of performance in collaborative webcasting.

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26.04.02 <DI> fusion, twenty-four hours of performance in collaborative webcasting.
Being able to fully express best practice network in a collective event is not a trivial matter, but this seems to be the goal of <DI> Fusion , an active platform on 26 and 27 April for all twenty-four hours in which led a busy happening that occupies physical space and digital. A network of artists will express, in fact, collaborative works between music, sound, text, dj / vj, poems and videos, all broadcast in streaming audio and video over the 24 hours. The stated objective of the organizers is to contribute to the construction of a network of human practices that are inspiring and creative source for all participants. The realization of this event is curated by Techne, the research initiative of the University of Colorado at Boulder (USA), and involves different groups and individuals from the four corners of the earth, as the Acoustic Space Lab and net.radio Ozone Riga (Latvia), the 'Shadow Party' Expand the radio from Helsinki, music videos and clips from game programs Korean Korean TV, the videomixing of English Alex Berry, 'Dream Stream', a documentary by John artistic nomadism Hopkins, a performance of plagiarists Tape Beatles, as well as a private room in Habbo Hotel chat with avatars and a collaborative comic strip.