Delter, analysis software for mpeg movies.

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09:04:02 Delter, analysis software for mpeg movies.
The digital movies contain its own 'grammar' technique that distinguishes the faults and sequence of approximations, subject to the optimization calculation that over time has allowed micropocessori to manage image sequences. ' Delter 'is the latest work by Victor Liu See-le, author of works on gaming (see Videogame art (2): Children of the Bureaucrats of the Revolution ). It consists of a java applet that analyzes a stream mpeg and makes it the only motion data with a simple interface to emphasize them. In the film resulting from processing the objects are deleted and in this way the structure of the 'inter-frame' of the compression scheme mpeg is apparent, leaving visible only the traces of the movement. Inspiration for this work was the search for an Italian mathematician, Emanuele Caglioti University of Sapienza University of Rome, that by analyzing the techniques of compression on the file may have noticed, together with his collaborators, as they prove to be very nearly the author of the document and the family it belongs to the language used. So the size of the text file dàagrave; reliable indications on its content as the size of an mpeg file gives the size of how much variation, that there is movement inside and then what our eyes will move to watch it.