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04/11/02 Blip … blah … blog, web art blogs.
The Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art (PBICA) inaugurated blip … blah … blog , one online exhibition that celebrates the phenomenon of 'blog' on the network, the sites typically updated by a single person in a sort of personal diary public and at the same time evolving. Until June 28th the website will be linked to three blogs offering an introduction to this form of social sharing of thoughts and information. According to the curator Jody Servon, who wrote his essay in the style of the blog, "this medium is fast becoming popular as a new and powerful medium for personal expression." An important feature of the blog, in fact, is the perspective with which the authors compile them, and that is not to attract the audience to explore their own site, but to allow page visitors to explore new and interesting areas of the web . The three blogs involved are those of James Luckett, Heather B. Hamilton, and Luckett originally from Washington, now resides in Tokyo and speaks of art, popular culture and quirks, as well as several details about his everyday life. Hamilton has lost his job for the contents of his blog, in which he described detailed anecdotes sull'inettitudine and weaknesses of his colleagues, but now he keeps talking about himself and his living conditions. instead is a blog run by most people focused on the search for alternative visions of the topics covered by the news of the moment.