Attacks on computer security of many U.S. government sites are silenced.

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18:04:02 attacks to cyber security of many U.S. government sites are silenced.
According to an investigation by the FBI computer crime section of San Francisco, many large corporations and U.S. government agencies suffer attacks on their computer security, but often do not inform the competent authorities. According to data collected by government security organ, in fact, 90 percent of respondents noted some kind of attack in the last year, but only 34 per cent of them reported him. Many think that it is not appropriate to disclose these things to the bad publicity that would result for their security departments. The companies consulted were 503, questioning also educational and medical institutions. According to the prosecutor of the Justice Department's computer crime, companies do not find any advantage in the complaints, and therefore prefer to fix the problem and move forward. Although only half of the respondents wanted to quantify the losses, these should be a total of 455 million dollars, derived from theft of cash, proprietary information, such as drafts of new software, and fraud.