404 Research Lab, the gallery of the error.

404 Research Lab

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404 Research Lab, Jodi
03:04:02 404 Research Lab, the gallery of the error.
The interruption of the flow, being awakened by the drift, one stop immersive experience, these are some of the meanings of the error '404 Not Found ', familiar to all boaters that before or after they failed to access a web page. At this symbolic 'accidents', is completely dedicated to the 404 Research Lab is an archive of the error page you requested does not exist on the server queried. Developed by Plinko.net, the site collects copious documentation of the infamous error, such as a story, some tips and techniques especially an extensive gallery of custom pages by web masters, including false announcements, quotes from the movie The Matrix, aliens in ascii and interfaces Commodore 64, as well as the work of net art by Jodi (pictured). An excursion nell'esorcizzazione and decontextualze error.