You Trace, see the paths of the network.

. Art

3/27/02 Trace You, see the paths of the network.
The similarities between the network and the physical world are not so rare if we think of buildings in our cities who are identified by a unique address, just like a computer connected to the Internet. Taken together, these addresses can form maps and topologies used to navigate the spaces in the real world and in cyberspace. One of the key differences is that in the real world we are aware of the journey that takes place from place to place, and places in between that are crossed. On the network is only known origin and destination, while the path, as well as being much more quickly accomplished remains obscure and underground, recorded only by the automation of machinery. Traceyou (where_is_the_web) is a work of net art of the English group of Limbomedia, which traces vrml in the route taken by generating a dynamic three-dimensional space, showing in detail the stages and sustainable speed that exist between two servers, providing another possible view of the immaterial world that both stimulates our neurons, what escapes our normal categories of understanding and judgment.