Urban Cycles, interactive video in public spaces.

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25.03.02 Urban Cycles, interactive video in public spaces.
It is active from 21 March to the Library Walk Manchester (UK) Urban Cycles , a series of interactive video installations in public spaces curated by Galina Dimitrova dell'Interspace Media Art Center in Sofia (Bulgaria). The videos are filmed by ten artists Bulgarian and English, and are projected on the floor in a multiple, changing according to the movements of the people that passes over it. The audience finds involuntary part in the creation of temporary visual environments that, properly handled, as in the case of 'Ant Colony' by Nikolay Chakarov, result in different responses reconfiguring public space as a meeting place of passage of images and people in a symbiosis higher. Each day is dedicated to a different artist and all videos taken in their first installation in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, can be viewed in the web space of the project.