The secrets spyware DIRT revealed.

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18:03:02 Secrets spyware DIRT revealed.
DIRT, software designed to allow law enforcement to secretly monitor suspicious computer has been made available on an anonymous site together with his Dutch user manuals. DIRT which stands for 'Data Interception by Remote Transmission', is produced by Codex Data Systems in New York who has been reassured its customers saying that the material removed is obsolete and specifying that the software can not run decently without a software key that does not there is in the files made public. Among the documents attached online there are several potential clients exposed to public ridicule, such as Ukrainian and Egyptian governments, the division for preliminary investigations of the district court of New Jersey. Moreover, the manual clearly demonstrate that DIRT has the same functionality of intrusive tools such as Back Orifice and Sub Seven, with an undisclosed server that connects to the PC you want by using a seemingly innocuous program and maintaining a keylogging automatically sent by e-mail. Obviously, the targeted PC can also be controlled with an appropriate remote access client. The files were made public on a space previously used by Alex de Joode, the head of Amstersam of a system of remail anonymous, and are physically on the computer xs4all.