The end of Digital Rights Management.

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03/19/02 The end of Digital Rights Management.
The signals by the management of digital rights are daunting. Over the past nine months there have been several American companies put up with this kind of name that have closed down. Among these, the Reciprocal (New York), the (San Jose, California), Digital Goods (Maynard, Massachusetts), the Preview Systems (Mountain View, Calif.) and ContentGuard (Bethesda, Maryland) funded by none other than Xerox. The same InterTrust, one of the first if not one of the founders of the market has halved the number of its employees. The reasons? Excessive investment on Ebooks protected revealed that sales laughable (the respective divisions of Random House and Time Warner have closed quickly), the cumbersome nature of the use of products (passwords that arrive by email, special viewers to download), and no portability from a machine to another to prevent unauthorized copying. Perhaps it is too early to draw conclusions, but it will not be that the principle of ring-fence the information is simply unnatural?