Sophisticated Soiree, heartbeats streaming tonight.

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12:03:02 Sophisticated Soiree, heartbeats streaming tonight.
Tonight (11/03) at 22:00 from Berlin BerlinerFestSpiele House will be held Sophisticated Soiree , (heard on audio webcasting ) a complex and fascinating performance already presented at the last edition of Ars Electronica. It is an event in which 64 people are equipped with a detector of the heartbeat which transmits it to a computer, which detects the people who are in sync (ie have the same beats per minute) and those that are in 'phase 'ie over the same number of beats, have them as well in the same instant. Everything is signaled through two distinct lights on the detector, and all the information collected is converted into MIDI signals, subsequently reinterpreted by musical instruments and visual software. The team behind this operation is called '92v .2.0 'and consists of Eric Berger, Eva Dranaz, rantasa, zeitbloom and Italian Jaromil who oversaw the design and implementation of the software. Two more are scheduled appointments in this month, always in webcasting, on 16 and 17 coming next.