Reclaim Your Media.

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15:03:02 Reclaim Your Media.
Tomorrow (16/03) was held in Rome ' Reclaim Your Media ', a musical and noisy procession organized by Indymedia Italy with Radio Onda Rossa, to reaffirm the right of everyone to an independent information. The importance of being able to 'build media' (or 'become media', as the slogan of Indymedia), in which to express their views freely without any kind of repression or censorship has become essential after the absurd events of Genoa, where the independent of the G8 media center was destroyed by the police, and after the seizure of the equipment of some of Indymedia centers in different regions with an unjustified deployment of forces. The hundreds of applications received testify unequivocally as the disparate voices are agreed and determined on one point: the information should be free.