Mini spy cameras snapped among the Chinese.

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22:03:02 Mini spy cameras snapped among the Chinese.
The mini spy cameras are one of the most popular electronic products in South China. According to the state newspaper 'China Daily', in fact these devices are selling for different purposes. The phenomenon has arrived at the congress of the state where the deputy Weng Weiquan asked that it be enacted a law to stop shooting unauthorized. In fact there is already a first casualty was the nearby island of Taiwan. In the capital Taipei City, in fact, Chu Mei-feng, elected in the municipal council, was forced to resign after it was widely distributed on CD in a movie where you could make love with a married man. The same Chu Mei-feng has now embarked on a career as a singer. The prices of the mini cameras ranges from 100 yuan (about 14 Euro) and 3,000 yuan (about 380 Euro), and the wholesalers nor market to hundreds in a month, especially the bride and groom to control their partners and traders who want to monitor their stores .