Memento Mori, the land telematics.

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05:03:02 Memento Mori, the land telematics.
Memento Mori is a work of net art exhibition with a slight time delay fluctuations seismographic data recorded by Hayward Fault, the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory at the University of California. A seismometer like 'Streckeisen STS-1' measures the vertical velocity of the soil and sends the data to a server that processes them graphically displaying them in a web page. The delay between the detection and the display is thirty seconds, and it is not to impress the wide variations across the screen as shown in the vertical axis represents a movement of the land of 0.0005 mm per second. The work is in the tradition of its author Ken Goldberg (editor of 'The Robot in The Garden', MIT Press), and raises several issues at all trivial, such as the relationship mediated by the technology of a 'telematic embrace' between man and land, as well as the display of human frailty subject to natural forces, just through a medium, the Internet, on the contrary, seems to give users a strong control on their environment.