* Candy factory, the non-television on the web.

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21:03:02 * candy factory, the non-television on the web.
Sponsored by the organization New Media Scotland, projects * candy factory will be on display from today (21/03) to the Collective Gallery, Edinburgh (Scotland) and projected outside. It is flash video interactive displace our perception of the screen, as the moments and contextualize in unusual places. In 'Do', for example, you enter the TV studio of the homonymous Japanese program at a time when it is completely empty, and the same goes for 'Why', broadcast by South Korea's Ebc. In this animated desert, the reference points are lost, as if you find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time, feeling the almost absent from normal broadcasting. Even 'My Dad Seduced My Fiancee' comes to television, but maintains a remix of photo to a device televisico during some afternoon talk show, through zoom capable of animating a still image, triggering a different mental approach. The place in an unknown dimension, finally, as a concept remains strong even in the 'Clearance Sale', an old warehouse in the city analyzed with the same, visually brutal, technical.