Bakteria Kultivo03, net art music in flash.

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25.03.02 Bakteria Kultivo03, net art music in flash.
' Bakteria Kultivo03 'is another update of the works of animation in Flash cured by the Mexican Arcangel Costantini, author of Atari Noise (see Videogame art (1): Atari Noise ). On his website net art, has made available three different 'remix vector' ('ga_ChOoOoOO' Brian Mackern (Uruguay), 'k-LEntu_RA >>' the same Costantini and 'por> ce_LA> na' Uriel . e). The shapes and sharp colors, that fit into simple geometric games, realize the automation to load a different idea of ​​the machines, with the authors that use the soundtrack to interact with the user, enriching it with the sounds generated by clicks. Halfway between the video techno, the underground comics and web design these animations justifiably place in contemporary pop underground.