60×1.com, net art as a splash page.


. Art
60x1.com, Kenneth Hung
29.03.02 60×1.com, net art as a splash page.
A riot of colors and images embedded in a sarcastic chromatic delirium of known forms that become alien, this is the result of 60×1.com , the site of Kenneth Hung, net artist in San Francisco, seasoned with simple dynamic animations that the real subject of he is proud among its various projects, namely the splash pages. With a domain made of only 'number one', Hyng assembles with an enviable disivoltura many pop icons (mao, McDonals, pac man) in a single screen overwhelming the retinas of their users who are struggling to find even though the obvious link to the next page. The artist also wants to offer an example of the paradigm of 'too much content = no content', stating in its manifesto aversion to megaportali that concentrate on a single page throughout the interface to increase hits. He then tried to structure your pages so that they will generate a minimum amount of hits thanks to the domain too long, the sequential navigation and the considerable size of the images. An interesting experiment, graphically satisfying ending to the achievement of the sixtieth splash page.