Zaumma, computer art in Naples.

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18:01:02 Zaumma, computer art in Naples.
E-Marts presents tomorrow (19/01) at his studio in Naples Morra, 'Zaumma', an installation by Maurizio Bolognini which consists of 20 computers programmed to generate an unlimited number of images are always different but sealed so that it can not be connected to a monitor, and putting together the images themselves could be achieved after a week of processing a surface equal to the entire Gulf of Naples. The very title of the installation contains three terms: 'zaum' is understood as communication transmental invented by Russian Futurist and Cubist in an attempt to escape the limits of the word 'but' is that the concept of space in Japanese culture, and 'Aumm' Neapolitan popular term to indicate something slow and secret. The installation will be open until March 5.