V! Rus.

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17.01.02 V! Rus.
It takes place from now until January 19 to Ausstellunghalle und Kunst, Bonn (Germany), V! rus , a symposium on aspects viral in history, medicine, politics and art, starting from the entrance in the contemporary culture of mass term, from probably identify with the fear of AIDS in the early eighties. The clandestine infiltration into the host organism, the subversion of the operating systems and attacked the masking through mutation makes the topic useful to re-envision the meaning of categories such as 'the self' and 'other'. To discuss, among others Paula Treichler, Ph.D. Institute of Communications Research, University of Illinois, Florian Rötzer Telepolis of the German magazine online new media and communication and Eric Kluitenberg, media theorist of the Center for culture and politics De Balie in Amsterdam.