The sound of the masterpieces of art.

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07:01:02 The sound of the masterpieces of art.
Audio Recordings of Great Works of Art is the conceptual operation of Ed Osborn, which in ten years has made ​​several recordings in front of great works of art to investigate the aural part of the museum experience, and to prove that these records 'life' acoustic of the same they do not reveal anything new. However they delineate the sound environment of a work of art, not the most underestimated part of the same and the implications that this entails on its use. Fifteen are the works included, select from the thousands of recordings, including the 'Mona Lisa' by Leonardo, the Venus de Milo, the 'Tower of Babel' by Bruegel, a self-portrait of Van Gogh, 'The Bride Stripped' of Duchamp and 'The Family in the Van' of Smither.