Bush allowed the export of fast computers.

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03.01.02 Bush allowed the export of fast computers.
Canceling a ban child of the Cold War, the Bush administration seeks to raise the American computing industries by the recession consentedogli to sell, without prior permission of the government, very fast computers to countries like Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Vietnam. The ban was imposed in 1979 to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, created with the help of the computing power of computers. Now set the speed limit has been increased from 85,000 MTOPS (millions of theoretical operations per second) to 195,000 MTOPS, bearing in mind that the average power of a current PC is 2,100 MTOPS. The limit had been raised already by the Clinton administration in January from the original 28,000 MTOPS. Latvia was added to the list of friends and then without any limit imposed while the administration has announced that it will apply criteria other than MTOPS in the future to establish restrictions.