Browser Gestures, alternative browsers.

. Art

14:01:02 Browser Gestures, alternative browsers.
Mark Daggett (author of Deskswap, see ) has developed a series of applications of net art that seek to reinterpret the concept of browser. Titled Browser Gestures , have materialized in three software for Windows that look from another angle information the navigation program shows us continually. The first is called 'Blur Browser' (pictured), and blurs every page the user requests in an indistinct flow of colors, impossible to decipher if not for their beauty and alienating dream deformation of the content. The second is called 'Browser History' and plays on the concept of content just seen (the 'history' of the browser that allows you to retrace your last steps), running in a quick animation last visited pages, displayed as a background the current one, in a quick rewind of visual memory has been activated from the retina in the minutes before. The third and last is called 'Icon Browser', which is actually a fully functional browser with the only peculiarity to limit the display window to the space occupied by a standard icon, which is a square of 32 pixels to the side, narrowing the possibilities interaction of the continuous movement of content through a 'keyhole' as big as the miniaturization imposed by the metaphors of the desk.