Are You Experienced, art club.

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11:01:02 Are You Experienced, art club.
Are You Experienced is an exhibition of 'art club', that will be launched tomorrow at the Netherlands Media Art Institute Montevideo. Intention of the editors was to select works that use elements taken or used in clubs, contenitoriti of electronic music of various genres. Changes in the speed of the rhythms, the effects of lights, smells and physical contact-induced, induce sensory stimulation in these environments is not indifferent. The selected works are: 'Disco for N / one' Mark Bain, a kind of spatial compression of lights, smoke and sound in a space minute, 'The Origin of Painting' of Disinformation, photographically that stops the shadow of the visitors on a large canvas painted (pictured), 'Brain 4.2', 'Brain 5.1' and 'I Want A Permanent Wave' by Gerald Van Der Kaap, installations, audio / visual that tell of all our senses in a frame chill, ' Looking Glass' by Caroline Rye, that undermines our notion of mirror image reproducing images through contact made differently for colors and sizes, 'Sub Club' Clara Ursitti, who plays on the extraction of the smell and the temperature of a club his work by causing a reaction in the user direct and 'Liquid Time' by Camille Utterback that splits and multiplies the images of each body, according to the times and perspectives that have been defined 'video cubism'.