Affective Encounters: acts of Cyberfeminist technology.

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22:01:02 Affective Encounters: acts of Cyberfeminist technology.
Cyberfeminism has developed a level of consciousness and considerable international analysis, but unfortunately still not have permeated both academia and those of movement and self-organized. To do justice, however, to the many important international contributions comes an e-book. Pdf with the proceedings of the conference 'Affective Encounters: rethinking embodiement in feminist media studies ', curated by Anu Koivunen and Susanna Paasonen and took place at the University of Turku (Finland) last year. All 34 workshops are documented, and between the interventions were those of Ana Paula Baltazar ('Architecture as Interface: Forming and Informing Spaces and Subjects'), Jennifer Lyon Bell ('Character and Cognition in Modern Pornography'), Hannu Eerikäinen ( 'Love Your Prosthesis Like Yourself:' Sex ', Text and the Body in Cyber ​​Discourse'), Tapio Mäkelä ('Re-reading Digitality through Scientific Discourses of Cybernetics: Embodied Fantasies of Disembodied Users and Computers'), Norie Neumark (' E / motional Machines: Esprit de Corps'), Susanna Paasonen ('Best Wives are Artefacts? Popular Cybernetics and Robot Women in the 1970s'), Liina Puustinen (' Gender for Sale: Advertising Design as Technologies of Gender '), Heidi Tikka ( 'Missing the Point – Situated User Experience and the Materiality of Interaction), Christine Ross (' Depression and Video Art at the Turn of the Millenium: The Work of Diana Thater ') Pasi Väliaho (' An Audiovisual Brain: Towards a Digital Image of Thought in Jean-Luc Godard's Histoire (s) du cinéma ').