Webcast burned.

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12.13.01 Webcast burned.
The Digital Club Network was founded in 1998 as an offshoot of online music festival organized by the same name. But the company of Andrew Rasiej and Ted Werth starting dal'anno last added some clauses to contracts for the groups who performed in the premises connected by a network of webcasting, gaining full control over the records of performance, including the printing and distribution of same in any form. To date, the accrued rights concerning 4,000 concerts of many bands. it follows that the chances are good that sooner or later one of these will become famous, by finding the owners of the DCN with a master of excellent sales prospects in his hands. According to the agreement on 25 percent of sales would go to the artists, a very high percentage compared to the royalties normally discs recorded in the studio. The idea was to Rasiej came during his management of concerts at the famous Irving Plaza in New York, when he realized that a historic exhibition of Ani di Franco in '96 had not been recorded by anyone, despite the singer had performed a cappella the Prince song 'When Doves Cry'.