Very Cyberfeminist International.

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13:12:01 Very Cyberfeminist International.
Organized by the collective Old Boys Network, begins today at the Lichtmesz-Kino in Hamburg (Germany) ' Very Cyberfeminist International ', a three-day exhibition and conference on Cyberfeminism. As a follow up to the previous two appointments (First Cyberfeminist International, Kassel '97 and Next Cyberfeminist International Rotterdam / Amsterdam '99), this third international event sublimates the organization of two other events already begun, Cyberfem Spirit (see Cyberfem, for women only ) and Technics of cyber feminism (see Technichs of cyberfeminism ). The four activists Claudia Reiche, Cornelia Sollfrank, Helene von Oldenburg and Verena Kuni have focused on two broad themes of the conference tomorrow and Saturday, 'Cyberfeminist networking' and 'cyberfeminism beyond the borders', while Sunday will be holding a general meeting. Among the numerous appearances including those of Diana McCarty, Natalie Bookchin and Rachel Baker, in addition to groups &fauna; flora, genderchangers, feminist indymedia austria and vns matrix.