Net art against war (3).

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11/12/01 Net art against war (3).
Another work of is powerless to express the irony that rises up against the conflict between the United States and Afghanistan. It is' God Bless America ', a phrase all too overused in the U.S. these days, and is made ​​from a simple animation of textual news that make up the American flag, while a synthetic voice reads them, emulating a radio news program. Its author, Bill Berry, wants it to be a reaction against the American propaganda in Afghanistan began shortly after the attack on the World Trade Center three months ago. And that the American identity is in crisis it also shows another job, ' Revision History ', consisting of Macintosh software that' remixed 'images of American history. The program written by Johnny deKam will download automatically combining images with numerous effects of the vast American Memory Collections Database. On this page you part of the National Digital Library Program, a project that wants to digitize and distribute material describing the American identity, archived at the Library of Congress. The author would now like to further develop Revision History, making him also recombine text, sound and video, and thus creating a parallel version of the Library itself.