Beehive 4.3.

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17:12:01 Beehive 4.3.
It's online the release 4.3 of Beehive, a magazine of digital literature ('hypertext and hypermedia'). In this issue: extracts from the ebook of Alt-X, publisher Mark Amerika 'Cocktail Nation' by Eric Lammerman, a collection of poems on the hypertext 'drinking-cultures', 'The Dream Life' by Thomas Swiss, poems flash (pictured), 'Digital Code and Literary Text' by Florian Cramer, argued essay on a quirk in the code intended as a text and vice versa, 'Subliminal' Kenji Siratori a story bio-cyber-punk, 'Shamans of the cyber- steppes 'by Gordon Rumson, essay on the text on the net,' The Watcher / The Mermaid Cabinet 'Ellen Zweig other wise observation of performance,' Invention (Cyberpoetry) 'of Komninos Zervos, other poems in flash,' Social Units | Shadow Text 'Kevin Magee, social theory and poetry mixed and '2 AM Confession' by Alison Daniel seven poems for five senses.