Al Qaeda failed Windows XP?.

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18:12:01 Al Qaeda failed Windows XP?.
According to Ravi Visvesvaraya Prasad, a consultant in New Delhi, a member of the Al Qaeda allegedly confessed to Indian police have supported Islamic militants to infiltrate as programmers in sabotaging the Microsoft Windows XP operating system and infarcendolo trojans and bugs. The witness would Afroze Mohammad Abdul Razzak, who was arrested in Bombay on October 21, which in turn has allowed the development of terrorist plots in India, England and Australia. Prasad, the news source, moderates a mailing list on Internet Security in South Asia. According to Jim Desler, a spokesman for Microsoft, the allegations are bizarre and not substantiated, and, according to his assurances, Microsoft has rigorous processes during the development of the operating system to ensure safety and integrity of the source code. In fact, as Microsoft itself has already issued several security patches, nothing is no malicious code has yet emerged, which is likely to re-enter these statements in the context of a pure war of information.